Our Car Detailing Packages

Here are the packages we offer at Lux Detail. Packages can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, we can add or remove items on request. Adding or removing services will impact pricing, so talk to us about your vehicle and we’ll come up with a package that is right for you.



Our Detailing Work

Our satisfaction comes from giving each vehicle, your vehicle, the utmost detailed service, whether it be just a wash or a complete detail.

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail Full interior

Range Rover

3.0 Liter LR-V6 Supercharged

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail engine shampoo

Acura TL


Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail exterior polish

Dodge Ram

6.7L Turbo Diesel I-6 with 900 lb-ft of torque with 6-speed automatic transmission

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail headlight restoration


5 series

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail full interior

Jeep Cherokee

3.6-Liter Pentastar V6 Engine

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail full exterior


Evolution X

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail seat cleaning


Super Duty F-350 Lariat

Calgary Car Detailing Lux Detail full interior

Kia Sorento

2.0 liter turbo engine


Our Detailing Services

Lux Detail offers a complete range of services to keep your car or truck shining year after year, including Professional Full Service Auto Detailing. We invite you to learn more about our services

Calgary Car Detailing Services Lux Detail


We pride on time efficiency and quality for our customers

Calgary Car Detailing Services Lux Detail

Customer Service

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Calgary Car Detailing Services Lux Detail


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Car washing and Clay Barring lux detail car detailing

Washing / Clay Barring

The best car wash is going to remove every foreign object from the surface of your car’s paint. All bugs, tar, and dirt should be removed from your vehicle’s paint. But from a detailing perspective, the clearcoat itself requires a deep cleaning to prepare the paint for proper correction and to remove the contamination that has built-up from time spent outside. That’s where clay barring your paint is so important.

pain polishing car detailing lux detail

Paint Polishing

Correcting your paint is all about removing swirls and fine scratches from the clearcoat of your car. Ever looked at your paint under halogen lights and noticed fine spider-web-like scratches in your paint. Those are paint swirls and they are very common, even on new cars. Correcting your paint is all about proper car paint polishing to level and burnish the clearcoat to a very fine level, just like a diamond.

car waxing at lux detail

Car Waxing

Protecting your car is all about sealing in your vehicle from the attacking elements that we discussed in our page all about how your car is always at war. All of your rubber and plastic panels, both on the inside and out should be protected with substances that provide UV protection, while all of your car’s paint and glass should be protected from multiple layers of quality, durable wax.

car show auto detailing

Show Car Detailing

The key to show car detailing is not the specific wax that we use, although we offer some of the finest in the world. The key to producing the ultimate shine for your vehicle is preparation before waxing. A thorough wash, clay barring, and multi-step polishing process will be hundreds of times more effective at improving the look of your new or used luxury sedan, sports car, exotic, SUV, or show car than just a simple wash and wax. While preparing your vehicle before waxing, it is the polishing step that offers the most dramatic improvement in the appearance of your vehicle. Paint polishing will remove swirls, watermarks, and scratches in your paint, while at the same time enhance the gloss and depth of shine of your vehicle.

car wash by hand with care at lux detail

The Right Way

We at Lux Detail are obsessed with preventing swirls and fine scratches from forming on your paint. The most common way this paint defect occurs is through improperly washing the vehicle. You simply should not be taking your car to the car wash. They use improper techniques throughout their speedy process to ensure they ruin your car’s paint. It’s important that either a true professional wash your car by hand, or you wash the car yourself the right way.


testimonials car detailing lux detail

I have had 4 vehicles from my company done here now and every time we received an amazing job that exceeded our expectations!

Heather Summers
testimonials car detailing lux detail

It was a great experience!!! Customer service was excellent!!! Would recommend Lux detail for sure!! Got the advanced Lux and it was done in a day!!! Awesome job guys!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Cory Lomheim


Our staff takes pride in their work, and serves our customers by providing specialized service. We give you what you want, at the best price! Give us a call or stop by Lux Detail today! We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with our service and the quality of our auto detailing work.

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